Dumpster Rental, Compactor Repair and Installations in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas! For container and compactor repair call Mike at 4846956134, for dumpster rentals call Gabby at 6107624121! We have one of the best teams with the best customer service and are excited to work with you and/or your company. Give us a call today!

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Important Information Regarding Dumpster Rental


When you purchase a dumpster, please understand the following:

Mattresses have a $100 fee.

Tires have a $75 fee.

If you order a concrete dumpster, ONLY concrete is permitted.

No hazardous material, paint, flammable liquids, animals, aerosols, batteries, and electronics.

Please understand if any of these are found in your dumpster you will have to pay a fine.

If you have any questions, please ask!

Dumpster Rental

With multiple rolloff trucks and dozens of beautifully furbished dumpsters, GMS is here for all your dumpster needs. We have 10 yarders, 15 yarders, 20 yarders, 30 yarders, and 40 yarders. We serve everybody from one time clean outs to construction sites to assisting big companies as a third party vendor.  If you are unsure of what size you need, give us a call! (gabby; 6107624121) We would love to help you figure it out. 

How does it work?

We will collect your information, input it into our system, email you an invoice, and get your dumpster delivered quickly and effciently. When you are ready for pickup, shoot us a text or give us a call and we will quickly be on site, send you a picture of your dump slip, and handle any overages. We guarantee same day or next morning delivery and/or pickups. 

What is prohibited?

Appliances, asbestos, batteries, biomedical waste or materials, biohazardous materials, computers, corrosives, chemicals, explosives, flammable materials or products, fluorescent tubes, fertilizer, pesticides, Freon, liquids, mattresses and box springs, monitors, paint, radioactive materials, spray cans, tires, televisions, and any other infectious, toxic, or hazardous materials that may require special handling, as well as any materials prohibited by applicable federal or state regulations. Additional fines may apply.


DONT FORGET! We will beat any competing price. As a family owned and operated company, we greatly appreciate all our customers!





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 Container Repair and Installation

Services offered: 

container bottom installation

rolloff container repair and service

front load dumpster repair and service

rearload dumpster repair and service

compactor and packer repair services

trash truck floor overlay services

hopper and packer flooring services

container and dumpster parts (lids, casters, guide/ground rollers, hinges, rods, plate steel, container bottom kits)

welding repairs and fabrication

compactor installation

What is container repair and when is it neccessary?

Container repair offers any individual companies or trash haulers and elite top of the line container repair service. No matter what your container looks like we will ensure that it gets repaired to be working as efficiently as possible. Anytime you have a faulty container, whether it is leaky or trash is falling out, you’ll need some repairs. GMS guarantees quality repairs whenever and wherever you need us. 

What is compactor repair and when is it necessary?

Business in most need of compactor repair or installations are universities, hospitals, supermarket chains, industrial facilities, or any high volume manufacturers. GMS is prepared to support these businesses logistically with expert compact repair and installation technicians.  It becomes necessary to install a compactor anytime you have outgrown your typical trash usage. If you find your business having to conduct multiple trash pickups per week then a trash compactor is right for you. If your compactor is not operating at peak capacity, then a GMS repair call is what you need. 

Mobile Repairs!

Our fully fitted repair trucks will come directly to you! 

For more information on container/compactor repair and installation call Mike at 4846956134!